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The teams participated in the tournament have been arranged. Click this link to view. Schedule


Teams in the first row will begin the matches on 24th every day until the end of the tournament. The participants please read more detail inside.  

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Alright guys, latest DK news. 

In English.

BurNing retires from playing, but the B-god will not be leaving Dota2 completely. He'll be the new coach for the next generation DK squad.
LaNm retires
Mushi has left, to go back to home to Malaysia.
MMY joins LGD
iceiceice joions VG

We thank all players for this smooth transition, and the fans as well. Without all of you, DK could not have been the success it was. Please wait for us as we create a new team, and bring you more news.

P.S. Team DK is recruiting new players, can send resume to 254988172@qq.com

August 21, 2014 - Sah
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E-sports club Natus Vincere has to announce not very pleasant news about Dota 2 squad. Additionally we need to provide explanations concerning the events related to the squad. Unfortunately another Dota 2 player parts with us. 


The former captain of the team Clement "Puppey" Ivanov is a free agent from now on. Our players have reached the final of the most prestigious tournament, namely The International, three times, and many other tournaments with Puppey. We are really sorry that the team has lost its leader and a great strategist. We are very grateful to Clement for all that he's done for Natus Vincere. Puppey will stay forever in the Hall of Fame of our e-sports club.

August 20, 2014 - Sah
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With the rising of the Chinese phoenix there follows an aftermath, leading to the fall of a behemoth. ua Natus Vincere, one of the most stable teams in the scene over the past years, loses one of its core members. While the team itself will not disband, the Na'Vi a lot of fans loved and cherished won't be anymore.


August 18, 2014 - Sah
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While the professional scene keeps growing and tournaments are rising once again, we lose two more exceptional players to future plans and the passing of time. Xu "BurNIng" Zhilei from cn Team DK has announced on his Weibo that he'll be leaving the professional scene together with Bai "rOtK" Fan from cn Vici Gaming to pursue other dreams.

July 13, 2014 - Sah
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In an interview with GameFy.cn's Leilani Crimson, Team DK's star support player, Zhang 'LaNm' Zhicheng has announced that he will be retiring after The International 2014 as a Dota 2 player.

Zhang 'LaNm' Zhicheng, the pillar of the Chinese juggernaut Team DK, in an interview with Leilani Crimson has announced his intentions on retiring after The International 2014 as a player from Dota 2 scene. Following in the footsteps of Benedict 'hyhy' Lim and Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen, LaNm said that this year's International will be his last competition.

June 25, 2014 - Sah
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Litt-Binn 'WinteR' Chan, former player of my Orange as well as renowned caster, will be the official coach for se Alliance for both the ESL One Frankfurt as well as the International 2014

May 23, 2014 - Sah
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In response to the team's poor performance over the course of the SEA Qualifiers for The International 2014 my Orange has dropped their current roster of Dota 2 players and plans to reform with a new squad of players after TI4, with current team captain Winter taking on a coach position.

April 25, 2014 - Sah
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onGamers have just released a very emotional interview they conducted with my Chuan 'Chuan' Wong Hock after the elimination of Invictus Gaming at the StarLadder Season IX Lan Finals. In these 15 minutes the International 2012 Champion is fighting to not tear up as he talks about internal problems and his future in DOTA 2.

April 21, 2014 - Sah
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Team DK become the first Asian team to win StarLadder, in an offline performance that has set the bar incredibly high, showcasing their superior synergy and flexibility in terms of drafts. Team Empire were their opponents in the grand finals, but despite a modest performance, they were collateral damage in DK's path to the title.


DK made it look easy

April 17, 2014 - Sah
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    cn Vici Gaming has been shaping up as of late, preparing for the upcoming International. For this very reason, they have hired a coach to boost their teams performance even further, enlisting the services of former Ti1 silver medalist Yao '357' Yi.

March 21, 2014 - Sah
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Famous Chinese pubstar Tianyu 'cty' Chen, formerly of Vici Gaming and RisingStars is contemplating on his return to the competitive scene.

Tianyu 'cty' Chen, considered one of the youngest and most talented players in China is rumoured to be making his return to the competitive circuit. Previously a known pubstar within the Chinese scene, Cty broke out into the professional circuit when he was recruited by Panpan 'PandaPanPan' Zhang to represent Vici Gaming alongside Fenrir, sydm, Fy and Xtt.


He made his debut in G-League in 2012 with VG, who were relatively new to the scene during that time period. Initially, despite showing a lacklustre performance, VG took the community by surprise when they beat TongFu 2-0 and qualified for the play-offs.

March 18, 2014 - Sah
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Chinese teams keep on changing as yet another team reshuffles its roster. According to LGD's official Facebook page, the former cn RattleSnake player cn “Icy” will replace cn “Maybe” in cn LGD-Gaming as the young star player looks to build up his own team under LGD banner.


March 17, 2014 - Sah
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Beyond the Summit unveiled its plans to host its own event entitled "The Summit" just moments ago. Their first ever offline competition will see six teams gather in the BTS Studio to fight over $50,000. BTS promises to venture into "uncharted territory for DOTA2" by running a more intimate style tournament.


March 15, 2014 - Sah
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According to LGD Gaming's Weibo page, Dominik Black^ Reitmeier will be temporarily replacing Zhi Lei Burning Zu as the carry for cn Team DK, as the Chinese player is suffering from poor health at the moment.

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